hofplein 19 Building

Hofplein 19 – A Modern Classic

Welcome to Hofplein 19: an historic Rotterdam landmark made future proof for modern-day business. Renovated with maximum flexibility and customisation in mind, this post-war icon now caters to the needs of corporate and creative companies alike. Located right in the heart of the action and characterised by a striking glass façade, Hofplein 19 overlooks the city as much as it defines it.

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Spacious, efficient floors with a flexible lay out
Customize your own floorplan


There’s no such thing as a standard company. That’s why Hofplein 19 offers full freedom to customise office space to meet specific needs. Whether those include an open plan workspace, bigger meeting rooms or more communal facilities, the tenants of Hofplein 19 are the architects or their own work environment. And at 1,250 m2, each floor offers plenty of space to work with.

Workspace in a 60’s icon 

• High-profile location
• Maximum exposure
• Great accessibility
• In the heart of vibrant Rotterdam
• Spacious and flexible floors
• Industrial look & feel

Hofplein 19 – Available mid 2018 

• Approximately 13,000m2 LFA
• Basement, ground floor and 9 storeys
• Approximately 1,250m2 LFA per floor
• Exceptional height of 3,85m floor to floor
• Parking ratio 1:135 m2 in Hofplein 20
• Redevelopment of public space and petrol station

“Hofplein 19 is what we call Rotterdam chic: straight up, a little rough around the edges and made of honest concrete. It’s also a massive building in every aspect. We’ve held onto its original grandeur and gave it a modern face. Reminiscent of yesterday, yet ready for tomorrow.

Oresti Sarafopoulos, OZ Architects


“At the Hofplein you’ve got everything you need to succeed. The facilities, the status, the buzz and the inspiration. And the view’s not bad either!

At the crossroads of
business and creativity

Full in the picture.
Hofplein 19 supports
Feyenoord during the

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