Spacious, efficient floors with a flexible lay out
Customize your own floorplan


There’s no such thing as a standard company. That’s why Hofplein 19 offers full freedom to customise office space to meet specific needs. Whether those include an open plan workspace, bigger meeting rooms or more communal facilities, the tenants of Hofplein 19 are the architects or their own work environment.

High ceilings and large windows provide an incredible sense of space. Bound only by their industrial look, each floor can be designed exactly to meet specific corporate requirements. At ground level overlooking the bustling Hofplein square, the communal area and reception can be found, serving as a meeting place and information center to serve the building and visitors.
• Approximately 13,000m2 LFA
• Basement, ground floor and 9 storeys
• Approximately 1,250m2 LFA per floor
• Exceptional height of 3,85m floor to floor
• Parking ratio 1:135m2 in Hofplein 20
• Energy label A

Room for your ideas

hofplein 19 Building

Making an entrance
Working at Hofplein 19 means working in one of Rotterdam’s best-known buildings. Fully renovated all the way from the grand entrance to the top floor, the building offers a unique blend of industrial ruggedness and corporate allure.


Four state-of-the-art elevators swiftly transport tenants and visitors to the ten climate controlled floors. The spectacular views of the Rotterdam skyline are complementary – courtesy of the building-wide glass façade.


From day one there has been a Shell petrol station under the building.
A public space that remains in updated and upgraded form under the new Hofplein 19 building.

Hofplein 19 – Lease terms

Office space in Hofplein 19 is available per floor. All floors are delivered in fully renovated state. For the detailed delivery specifications, we kindly refer to the detailed specification which can be provided upon request.

Hofplein 19 – Technical Specifications

Hofplein 19’s grandeur is reflected by its floor space. With 13.000 m2 LFA divided over a basement, ground floor and nine storeys of approximately 1.250 m2 LFA each, the building offers ample space for the most ambitious of companies. And with a parking ratio of 1:135 m2 in Hofplein 20, there’s plenty of parking space for visitors arriving by car or those driving to work.