Staying true to its original
industrial heritage

Hofplein 19 Rotterdam 1960
Hofplein 19 Rotterdam 2018

Designed for Shell in the 1960s, the building at number 19 has dominated the face of Hofplein roundabout for more than 50 years. And now it’s being readied for modern business while staying true to its original industrial heritage. Once the first office building to open its doors at the Hofplein, in 2018 it will once again pioneer Rotterdam’s business landscape.

Hofplein 19 is what we call Rotterdam chic: straight up, a little rough around the edges and made of honest concrete. It’s also a massive building in every aspect. We’ve held onto its original grandeur and gave it a modern face. Reminiscent of yesterday, yet ready for tomorrow.

Oresti Sarafopoulos, OZ Architects


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‘Breakfast with creatives at the Schieblock, lunch among lawyers at the Hilton and after work drinks at the Hofbogen –
all in a day’s work and a minute’s walk away.’